Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Me (2012)

Learning and knowing are 2 different things. Knowing about what you think you know about you and knowing what you are also two different things. I am now..in the step of learning to knowing what & who i am...beginning from what i think i know about myself..i now surely know that: - i am a very independent person, who dislikes being told what to do or how to do things..I'd rather find out the wrong way first then doing short cuts - i dislike being told that i can't do something because it's not for me...if i think and i know it's right for me to do it, I'll bare the consequences...but no way i will step back first without trying. - i am a free person...in terms, i like things my own way..selfish? perhaps...but i don't care, as long as it doesn't hurt other people in any way.. - i easily forgive someone, but not easily forgetting the hurt people caused me. in that case, people who hurt me will have a really difficult time in dealing with me..i don't back off easily and i don't intend of showing mercy...*evil laugh* - i don't like being put as #2 or 3 or whatever number other than #1. in terms, if other people are talking to me, working with me, being with me, i don't expect ignorance. I need focus, attention and dedication..as i will do the same to others. - i can give my time, dedication & heart 300% to the people i love, care and respect.. well, so far..that's me. if i know more about myself, I'll write again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

random thoughts

it's been ages since i last write here... a lot of things changed, a lot of things happening but some things never change, too i found a new encouragement in my life, and since 2...going on 3 years now, i just dedicate my time, mind, and soul to my family, my loved ones & my not-so-new-bonded-baby brothers... i know i only write in here just as a cry out from my mind & heart...but starting now, if i write it would only be for about those three important factors in my life... 120718