Friday, February 26, 2010

one will...

everyone has their own paths to step on
has their own winding roads to walk on
everyone has their own mountains to climb
has their own valleys to overcome
their own rivers and even oceans to conquer

all in common is that
: all of us walk with our hearts and soul
with no self confidence at the beginning
with full of doubts to what is waiting in front

but the difference between each and everyone of us
one will choose to learn along the way and know what is good for oneself
while another choose to ignore everything and fall

one will gain their confidence, while others become too confident

one will learn to notice and learn about feelings of other
while others choose to just crush everything that comes on their way

one will see the beauty of every scenery and remember it
while others choose to forget

one will seek the moment and grab it, while one awaits

no matter which road or paths we choose, it will always come to
our own decisions, our own hearts, our own minds, and our own confidence

but if we choose the wrong path,
do we have the will to stop, and realize that it was wrong?
do we have the will to mend?